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Whether you are after a smart, simple look, or want something more complex, we can have you set up and ready to go in no time! 

I remember the endless hours I spent when I first tried to put my own website. I'd be up until 3am trying to get my logo in exactly the right place or trying to upload a photo...

But 10 years on, the internet has changed, and I have developed an approach to website design for musicians that brings elements from the marketing world into the creative arts and allows you to not just have a website, but get results and enquires from your website!

Below are some examples of websites I have created, along with three types of sites musicians generally ask for.  Have a browse and see what best suits you!


Once your website is set up, I can either pass it all over to you, provide monthly updates, or do a yearly progress check. 


*All websites require a small monthly subscription to a third party site for the use of internet space. 

Client Portfolio

Freelancer Website Design
Band Facebook Page Design
Soloist Website Design
Function Band Website Design
Function Band
Chamber Music Ensemble Website Design
Chamber Group
  • Freelancer

    Want a simple yet stylish website, that shows potential bookers who you are, what you have done and how to contact you?


    Don't worry if you don't have tones of recordings or photos shoot images. I can get started with 3 good images and a bio. 


    If you have more to add, great. Other pages people like to have are: blog, listen to, media (gallery/video footage)

    Freelancer Website Design
  • Ensembles | Function Bands

    The purpose of your website is to get people to contact you to ask for a quote. Everything on your new website will be in place to direct people to that goal! 


    Key items to have:

    Promo Video or Recording

    Great group photos



    Soul Calibre logo square
  • Soloists | Artists | Bands

    It is important to have a clear purpose of your website and figure out who it is aimed at and what it is for.


    Once we have that in place, we can create a website that properly represents you as artists and can direct people to the right place.


    Website extras include: Blog, Sound Cloud Playlist, Ticket Sales, Album Sales, Gig Calendar, Email List

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