Let us work together and get you started on the road to success!

Let us work together and get you started on the road to success!

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What People Thought

"I asked Becca to support me in demystifying aspects of social media, Instagram in particular and to provide pointers on how to use my MacBook (I’ve previously used PCs so this was a departure for me). Becca also gave me some extremely useful and new information about marketing with particular regard to my new business. 


Becca explained everything very clearly and at my pace. She left me feeling more confident about using social media as a marketing tool and marketing my business in general. Becca also gave me invaluable feedback on my website which will improve the look and content. 

Many thanks, Becca, I will be calling on you again in the future."

"I had spent years trying to figure out my website, going to different developers and designer who all added there own twist to what already existed, but in the end, it was all still a bit rubbish.


Becca talked me through her design strategy which helped me figure out what my website is for and what I am trying to get out of it. With this all figured out, she went away a put together the first draft of my new site!  


From the first glance, I knew that we were on the right track and as we started to add in all the information and content it soon came together as the website that I always wanted! 


I am so glad I went to Becca with this, I felt in safe hands the whole time and I know that any updates and future changes will be taken care off.

"With new photos and a video done, we wanted to make sure they were used effectively. We met with Becca to discuss the goals and design of the site and then she went away and put together what we asked. The only problem that what we asked for didn't really work...


Becca then took the website away with her and put her design skills at work to come up something very similar to what we now have as the final product! It gave us new momentum and inspired the end result.


From our new website and new graphics which we have used across all our social media, we increased our enquires by 200% in the proceeding months!