Content - It's Not All About ME?!?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Promo is essential, but it's not all about the pristine images and showreels anymore. People what more and will stop paying attention if all they see on social media are adverts time and time again.

In this blog, we are exploring the different stages a fan will go through before accepting that invitation and buying a ticket to your gig. The system below will help you understand the importance of engaging and creating a lasting connection with your audience.

When you see someone trying to sell something in the street, what do you do? I usually cross the road or work extra hard not to make eye contact!

If that same person was someone that you got talking to on a train or at a bar, and then, after a lovely convocation, you found out what they where selling, you would be much more interested and much more likely to find out more. I've done this, and people have come to a gig after talking to them on the train there!

Communication is no different online, if you see someone constantly advising a tour or event, you stop paying attention and maybe even hide their feed. So how are you going to do it? What are you going to do to engage with people and get them interested in your gigs?

The posts that I stop and read are all things that are giving something to me instead of trying to get something out at me. Think about the posts in these areas that you would stop for:

- BuzzFeed

- Animal Video

- Fun/Amazing Music Video

- Behind the Scenes

- Instructional video

The posts that capture peoples attention will always provide some kind of benefit to the viewer, either educational, entertaining or informative.

The point of all this is to stop you thinking about how a post is going to help you and start thinking about how your post is going to benefit your audience. In doing this, you will begin to get much more engagement and people interested in what you have to say.


Take the sentence that you want to say and then turn it on its head and fill it with a little more emotion. Let's see what you come up with.



"Amazing time in Manchester last night, can't wait to see you all in Liverpool tonight!"


"Thank you to those who came out to see me last night in Manchester, you guys rocked! Who managed to see the sunrise this morning? Guess you won't be following us to Liverpool then tonight... There is no stopping us!"

Now, just posting one of these won't do much, but having consistently excellent and exciting content, will engage people and make them invested in you or your group. After doing this, it will not only be easier to get people to buy tickets, but you will now have an increased baise that will help you reach more people with your message.