Facebook Cover Photo - How To Stand Out From The Rest

Updated: Oct 22, 2018

Facebook Cover Photo - How To Stand Out From The Rest. How to optimise your Facebook cover photo and encourage action on your facebook page

Your Facebook Page is a place where people come to see you and learn about what you do. When someone comes to your page, you already have their interest, so why not make the most out of this time and draw them into your world with a stunning cover photo that makes you stand out from the rest!

A Facebook Page has a few key areas where you can sell yourself effectively. Your profile picture and your cover photo should work together to create an overall image of you. Today we are going to talk about how you utilise your cover photo to tell people who you are, what you stand for and maybe even guide them into taking action on your page...That's a lot for a little picture!

Purpose and Direction

Before we begin, I want you to think about the purpose of your page. What do you want people to have achieved by the time they leave your page? Is it to watch a video? Join a mailing list? Book tickets? When someone comes to your page, you want to guide them through it so that they are seeing and doing all you want them to see and do. Once you know your objective, you can design your cover photo (and other accepts) accordingly. If you need more help with finding your purpose and direction, have a look at my blog: What's My Purpose

Facebook Cover Photo Design

A cover photo (or banner) is the first thing a user will see when coming to your Page, so you want it to draw people in, let them know what you're all about and maybe direct them to an action or inform them of your personality or offering. There are three main options for your cover photo: a photo, a slide show or a video. Below, I will take you through the benefits of each and how to include text to inform and direct.

One Photo

If you have nothing to sell at this time and are using Facebook to inform and attract new audiences, then you may not need more then a single photo. Use this combination of beautiful imagery and powerful text to draw them in and want to find out more.

Things you can add:

- Promo Photo

- Album Cover

- Tagline

- Logo

- Call to Action

- Quote/Testimonial

Below are two made up examples of using a mixture of these elements to put together an enticing cover photo.

Facebook Cover Photo Example

Teamed together with a profile picture of the band, this cover photo is dark and mysterious and makes the reader excited to find out more. The call to action asks a question to the reader and will be followed by a 'BUY NOW' button below which will encourage that action to be taken.

Facebook Cover Photo Example

This cover photo is full of information providing photo, logo, tagline and testimonial which gives you a complete picture about what you are going to hear when you scroll down to find out more.


Slideshows can be a really effective way to get people engaged and ready to take action. It consists of between 3-10 cover photo images that a user can scroll through. Think of your slideshow as a story, or a leaflet, take them through, giving them information and assurance (through quotes/testimonials) before asking them to commit to an action.

Below is an example of a three slide slideshow.


If you have a great promo video, this is a fantastic place to grab peoples attention straight away. On a laptop/desktop view, the video will play straight away. On mobile, this is not the case and users have to click on it to see the video play, but it still create a high impact and grabs attention instantly.

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2018

Because of the different screen size you get on your phone compared with your laptop, your cover photo will crop differently depending on the device you are on, which means that you will lose a part of your cover photo on one platform. Now if you are sensible, you can design your cover photo so that instead of losing part of the image, you add to it, making it either extra long or extra wide.

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2018

Facebook Cover Photo Size 2018

For an example of how a Fb cover photo can work on both a phone and laptop, have a look at New Purple Celebration. We have been working on this new look to make sure images are not cut off and that the design works on both devices.

So, that is it, you have everything you need to make your own effective Facebook cover photo! If you still think you might need a little extra help, get in touch and we can sort you out with some graphic design work or look through our list of services to see how we can help you master online.


Make sure you keep your Facebook Page updates. Facebook has added some new features, so to make sure you have everything covered, I have written you a checklist for you to work through so that your Facebook Page will stand out and attract the new audiences! Download Now